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Double Reed Repair:

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Wood & Professional Oboes:

Chris Moller does all repair work on site except for some specialty repairs such as Lacquering and plating. You can expect the highest quality repair work available. There is no substitute for talent, tooling, schooling, a six-year apprenticeship, and continued training along with 19 years of experience.

  • Minor repairs done while-you-wait as time and workload permit

  • High quality cork pads are used in the upper joint and lower joint stack keys

  • High quality pressed felt bladder pads, white kid leather and/or synthetic pads are used in the larger pad cups like the “F” key

  • Crack pinning

  • Tone hole repair

  • Carbon fiber banding

  • Carbon fiber tenon rebuild: Often tenons become too loose to fit properly with a new tenon cork alone. This is most common with the center tenon. I can turn down the center tenon and add a carbon fiber wrap to the tenon. Then the tenon is reshaped to fit the lower joint. The bore remains unchanged, the fit is as good or better than new, the tenon is stronger and there is very little change to the look of the tenon.

  • Complete mechanical overhaul: A complete mechanical overhaul includes a cleaning and oiling, tone hole resurfacing, straightening bent keys and steels, key swedging, all new key silencers, all new tenon corks, fresh synthetic oil and regulation. Additionally, a complete mechanical overhaul can include tenon work, crack repair, chip repair and polishing silver plated keys and posts.

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Student Oboes and Bassoons:

The extreme precision demanded by professional musicians is not necessary for beginning students but your instrument does need to play easily. Most of the time Chris is in the shop and can give an accurate estimate before the instrument is left. All work is done on site with fast turnaround times. Please bring everything used to play and care for the instrument.

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