What People Say

Thanks for doing a professional job cleaning and removing the dents in my Bach Strad Trumpet - looks and plays great!

Doug Square Customer

A beautiful horn in near perfect condition, just as advertised. Plays and sounds great, slots extremely well and has a wonderful upper register. Thank you Agave Music!

Shawn Reverb Buyer

Thank you for fixing my trumpet on the spot... went back to Tucson this morning already had rehearsals with The Pride ~ our U of A marching band.. my solo sounded amazing !! I will be back when needed.

MiltonSquare Customer

Great personalized service! Trust Chris to fix your horn, and support your independent Phoenix businesses.

Bob G. Facebook Subscriber

The flute I've owned for over 30 years was in dire need of a tune-up, as I was not the best at caring for it and it's been sitting in storage for several years. When I reached out to Chris, he responded to my inquiry quickly and explained what was needed to get my flute back into tip-top shape. I found his rate to be competitive and the repair was done in a timely manner. Best of all, my flute now sounds lovely again and looks close to new!

Karie S.

Seller was responsive and easy to deal with, instrument arrived in great condition as advertised.

Gracie P. Reverb Buyer

Not only is Chris amazing at fixing instruments, but he’s honest and fast! I highly recommend Agave Music to anyone needing repairs for their brass and woodwind instruments!

Joshua, K Reverb Buyer

This is a repair man who remains consistent in his explanations, prices, and attention to detail. He has a friendly, warm personality toward his customers. When I buy an instrument from him, or get and instrument fixed he treats me as an individual. He practices an artisan craft that’s rare and hard to find. I feel fortunate he is still around because the work he does requires a lifetime commitment and without it our horns won’t play.

Randal C. 

My flute came and it looks absolutely perfect! Thanks for keeping the ‘tune marks’ on my head-joint. Great job with the `{`Straubinger`}` pads. Playing like my old friend again!

Hank R. 

Chris is an awesome repair technician! I do all my repair work through him and he's a master at his craft!

Chris GundackerFacebookSubscriber