Joshua, K Reverb Buyer

Not only is Chris amazing at fixing instruments, but he’s honest and fast! I highly recommend Agave Music to anyone needing repairs for their brass and woodwind instruments!

Musician Silhouette

Randal C. 

This is a repair man who remains consistent in his explanations, prices, and attention to detail. He has a friendly, warm personality toward his customers. When I buy an instrument from him, or get and instrument fixed he treats me as an individual. He practices an artisan craft that’s rare and hard to find. I feel fortunate he is still around because the work he does requires a lifetime commitment and without it our horns won’t play.


Hank R. 

My flute came and it looks absolutely perfect! Thanks for keeping the ‘tune marks’ on my head-joint. Great job with the `{`Straubinger`}` pads. Playing like my old friend again!


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