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Quality Instruments build 


Set your student up for success! Students who are exploring an instrument for the first time will do better if they are practicing on a quality instrument. Don't settle! We understand interest changes. Maybe they will change their mind. Maybe they'll take up football. However, you can empower them from the beginning by providing a quality experience through a quality instrument. 


Remember - inspired instruments inspire great musicians. 

Our guaranteed buy-back program is perfect for students who need an instrument for the school season! Simply purchase your instrument from Agave Music to use for the year ahead. Bring it back in the same condition (normal wear and tear is okay) and we will buy it back from you, guaranteed. It's really that easy.


  • More cost effective than renting or buying elsewhere 

  • You are protected in the event that kids quit or switch instruments

  • Our team is here to help you with your instrument throughout the year

  • This program is sustainable and local friendly

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