This is the predecessor to the great, well-known, Couf Superba I.

A 1962 Keilwerth Tone King W/ high "F#" key, rolled tone holes, clear plastic guards, and nickel plate. Keilwerth was really ahead of their time when they made these Tone Kings. The key work is very fast(won't see copper springs that often on saxes but they feel great). The intonation is great and the tone is a little dark but lively and very consistent throughout. It has that subtle Keilwerth buzz as well.

Fresh Mechanical overhaul with Precision Pads and undersized flat resos.

6.5 reading on the Magnehelic so you know it's tight. With rolled tone holes these pads will last several decades.


Click here to check out our client Thomas Love demoing our Keilwerth New King and it sounds great!



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Keilwerth Tone King Alto Sax