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Flute  & Piccolo Repair

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Professional /Open hole/Vintage
Flute & Piccolo:

Chris Moller does all repair work on-site and specialized in handmade flutes. There is no substitute for talent, tooling, schooling, and a six-year apprenticeship under master tech. Jerry Porter, and continued training. Chris has been repairing professionally since 1998, has been Straubinger certified since 2015 and a continuous NAPBIRT member since 2000. 

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Student Flute & Piccolo:

The extreme precision demanded by professional musicians is not necessary for students but the instrument does need to play easily without having to blow or squeeze harder. A poorly working instrument can be compared to trying out for basketball in flip-flops. The student can run and jump but will not make the team. Music can be great at building confidence but giving a student an instrument that doesn’t work properly can do the opposite. This is why it is extremely important to have a trained experienced technician make sure your instrument is in proper working order before beginning to learn an instrument.
Most of the time Chris is in the shop and can give a free
 accurate estimate before the instrument is left. Please bring everything used to play and care for the instrument including the head joint and case. Thanks, Chris Moller.



It is important to understand that flutes do not either play or not. The more they leak air the more difficult they are to play especially in the lower notes. If you believe you or your child may be playing on a flute that is under-repaired I recommend you bring it in and have the instrument checked out(even if another technician has already looked at it). I will let you know what I am able to do to improve its playability, how much it costs and how it will affect the way it plays

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